Sound bars come with few audio-only inputs, given at the back of the device, which is surprising because in today’s high tech times most of the devices we have are HDMI supported. But this is not a draw back of the design but it is done intentionally so the user connects all their devices to their TV and then connect the TV’s audio output to the sound bar. This is a good interaction design and helps saves the users time because now they only have to connect their devices to their TV instead of connecting them to both the TV and sound bar. You can learn more about the top soundbar under 1000 dollar range below.


There are some issues though with this user friendly design and those are :


  • If your television set has a limited number of options for input then your sound bar will also be limited to connectivity. Like for an example if your TV set has only three options for input, it means you can only connect three devices. This issue can be solved by using an HDMI switcher but that would make things complicated which most people want to avoid.
  • Some TVs decline the incoming audio signal to stereo instead of a true surround signal so when its connected to your sound bar you will get a sound system which is declined by your TV. The problem even occurs if your TV outputs a Dolby Digital signal but your sound bar doesn’t read it because it doesn’t have a Dolby Digital decoder.


But even with these few drawbacks people still prefer a TV switcher. If you just have an audio output on the back of your sound bar then you don’t have to worry about the number of input options.


Built In Bluetooth :


This is one of the best feature sound bars offer. A lot of people have music stored in their phones or tablets so a built in Bluetooth is really what they would need. Now almost all sound bars come with built in Bluetooth which lets the user connects it to their phones or tablets. This lets you listen to music directly from your device instead of first connecting it to the TV. If your sound bar doesn’t have a built in Bluetooth you can connect an adapter to it which makes it works like one, but then there are already few limited options for input. Almost all models of sound bars manufactured since 2013 have this feature so there is hardly a chance your sound bar won’t have a built in Bluetooth.

This was something to help you understand a sound bar better, now we’ll have give you a review on the best sound bars we selected for you but before that we have listed down how we have done our review to help you understand more on what capabilities we have reviewed these innovations.

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