Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review

Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review | Hands On Experience

Welcome to our in-depth Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review. The HW-K360 ZA is one of the best soundbars to have emerged in the year 2016 with an incredible performance, outstanding features, and unmatchable specifications. It is officially designed and engineered in the Samsung’s Audio Lab located in sunny California. It is, in fact, a home theater solution as it comes with a subwoofer and powerful Samsung’s rear satellite pair that adds a lot to the overall sound quality.

While it comes in only one color, black, still it looks elegant and nice sitting in one corner of the room. This soundbar system will perfectly complement your Samsung TV, however; you can also connect it with any other soundbar for 70 inch tv.

With Samsung HW-K360 ZA, you will enjoy unlimited wireless audio streaming that is driven by its 2.1 channel system delivering 130W of total power with an impressively performing external wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers.

This high-tech soundbar also allows external device connections via an optical input and another 1/8” input. You can also connect and charge your smartphones and tablets via the USB port that is located on the main soundbar. For your convenience, the Samsung HW-K360 ZA comes with optical cable, wall mounting brackets and an instruction manual for assembling your product.

Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review | Specifications & Features

Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review

Here is an honest Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review by our team in which we have highlighted each and every feature of the product along with the latest price.

Speaker System Configuration

The Samsung HW-K360 ZA is a 2.1 channel system with an outstanding audio quality that spreads throughout the room. Its subwoofer and satellite speakers give a great surround sound effect inside the room. All you have to do is properly position them in the corners with the soundbar being in front of the TV or wall mounted, and you’ll have a powerful audio system ready for you.

Design & Connections

The Samsung HW-K360 ZA boasts a discreet design. It is more stylish and elegant with a premium feel. Of course at such a price you deserve a quality product that is perfect from every perspective. Like most of the soundbars, the Samsung HW-K360/ZA comes encased in sturdy aluminum mesh not only hides the six drivers running along their front edge, but also makes sound solid and heavy. Right behind the mesh is its large LED display panel that shows the current settings of your soundbar. You can easily see the inputs, volume levels, setup options and other details resting on the sofa.

The design also features glossy end caps that gives it a nice touch. One of these features volume, input and standby buttons that require a simple push of the finger. Under the soundbar, there are rubber pads that keep it secure on the top of a TV stand. Its low profile design keeps the way clear for the TV’s remote sensors.With Samsung HW-K360 ZA you get multiple connectivity options such as an HDMI input, and ARC enabled output. Moreover, there is an optical and a 3.5mm mini jack.

Furthermore, there are two buttons, Speaker Add and Wi-Fi setup that gives you the freedom of connecting your sound bar with the multiroom system along with other Samsung Speakers. Although the wireless subwoofer that comes along is pretty much similar to the last year’s model, still it has an incredible performance and output.

Overall, it performed well with a low-profile frame and brushed black front panel with glossy sides.

Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review


The Samsung HW-K360 ZA comes loaded with a Wi-Fi and multiroom functionality. Its slender frame may look ordinary but has numerous features inside. With the Multiroom app installed on your smartphone, you can easily sync music to HW-K650 from multiple streaming services.

This includes Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Samsung Milk Music, Deezer, 7Digital, 8tracks, JUKE, Murfie, Napster, Qobuz, and TuneIn radio. It also allows streaming songs via DLNA devices like OCs and NAS drives. Moreover, it also supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC and ALAC.

Furthermore, if you have any Samsung Wireless Speakers in your house, you can also play music through all of them with ease. It also allows the use of multiroom speakers along with it for creating a 5.1 channel system along with 3.1 soundbar that serves for the front and center channels. Its power output is 340W and has a total of six speakers on board that is further driven by the amplifier and active crossover.

What’s more to discuss about its 3.1 channel speaker configuration is that it features a dedicated center channel that makes human voices clearer and more focused. The sound models used include Standard Music, Clear Voice, Sports, Movie, and Night along with obligatory Surround Sound Expansion mode that gives you a wonderful experience. The bass, treble, and subwoofer levels are adjustable via the Sound Control menu.

Its built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone devices and gives you the freedom of playing audio wirelessly directly from compatible Samsung TVs.

Samsung HW-K360 ZA Review

Setup & Operation

This is something hassle-free and step-by-step. Two HDMI sockets are housed in a cramped recess located at the bottom. This does make fitting the cables a bit tricky, thanks to the grooves located on the back that keep the wires tidy. ARC and Bluetooth work like a charm with Samsung TVs.

What can be more sophisticated is mounting the soundbar if you want to. You simply connect the HDMI ports, plug in the power socket and start enjoying your new Samsung HW-K360 ZA.


This soundbar was built to entertain you. It has a brilliant performance. The soundbar along with the subwoofer team up to provide a crispy and energetic sound that is clearer with some impressive depth and scale. It is louder with a powerful presentation the perfectly outsmarts your TV speakers.

The subwoofer does the actual job in delivering a mighty rumble, while the satellite speakers promise to create a surround sound effect in the room.

Final Verdict

The Samsung HW-K360 ZA is the best soundbar for the money you can ever have. It comes with all the necessary features that are required for a great audio experience. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.

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Unexpected Ways Common Food Makes You Sick

Whenever we eat something, our body breaks it down into chemicals that it then uses for a number of things, there are a lot of food items that are part of our staple diet and our consumed on a daily basis such as dairy products, wheat based products and more. Now, while most of these food items sit well with the large majority of people, there are some who suffer from food allergies which make certain foods bad for them. Food allergies exist in numerous forms, most of which are subtle, which can make identifying them a bit tricky.

The best way to deal with food allergies is to first identify what kind of food is causing them and then to stay away from that food type, if you regularly find yourself facing random stomach pains, bodily irritations or headaches then you should consider checking whether you are allergic to a particular kind of food or not. Many food allergy related symptoms can be problematic for people who are dieting or workout since they can disrupt your body’s functions.

Here are some common food items that are known to cause various kinds of allergic reactions in certain people.


Wheat has been part of many peoples staple diet for centuries and is a pretty good source of fibre, however, the way wheat is grown nowadays is quite different from before, most wheat based products nowadays are made of hybridized forms of wheat that consist of many nutrients that our bodies are not used to.


Yeast is known to cause adverse allegric reaction in many people, yeast can be found in a lot of food items including bread, vinegar, and beer, which can make avoiding it a bit hard. For people who want to consume bread but are allergic to yeast, they can look for bread products that use baking soda as an alternative to yeast.


Dairy products cause trouble for a huge amount of people throughout the world, dairy related allergies are either caused by lactose or casein, both of which are present in any dairy product out there. Avoiding dairy is easy since dairy products are easy to identify, but one should keep a look out for presence of casein in certain products that are not dairy based.


Egg allergies are more common in children and have a variety of symptoms ranging from rashes to something as serious as anaphylaxis, so you should always keep a look out for presence of eggs in a variety of foods.


Nut based allergies are common throughout the world and can be pretty serious in some cases, people who have had minor allergic reactions to nuts in the past should steer clear of any kind of nut in order to minimise the chances of life threatening allergic reactions.


Sulfites are a common ingredient in preserved foods such as dried fruit and trail mix, they can also be found in wine, beer and condiments, basically any kind of food item that has undergone preservation.

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Cool Looking Socks For Adding a Bit of Flair to Your Running Getup

Socks do more than just keep your feet and your shoes from getting dirty or worn out, if worn in the right way with the right style, they can be used to make your running getup look more colourful and more fashionable. Socks come in many shapes and sizes, from simple solid coloured ones that cover your calves to short or no-show ones, you can even find some socks with really interesting patterns on them.

If you have been thinking of adding more flavour to your running attire then there is an endless amount of socks for you to choose from, however this does not mean that you can wear any pair for your next run. Running socks should not only be flashy, but they should also be designed to provide your foot with comfort, cushioning and much needed support that keeps your feet from blistering.

There are numerous flashy yet practical running socks out there, let’s go through some of the best ones out there.


The name of these socks pretty much sums up what they do, their attractively flashy and are designed to help runners improve and maintain their stance, their moisture absorbing fabric and gradual compression technology keep your feet fresh and dry, ensuring superior foot to shoe grip throughout your running session.


These knee high compression socks not only look good, but also feel good to wear, they are designed to promote blood flow in your legs and are also highly absorbent, all of this coupled with their padded heels and toes make the Zensah great to wear.


For those of you who prefer toe styled socks over normal socks, the Injinjis are going to be more than satisfying with their great moisture absorbance, the individual toe design ensures that the wearer’s toes do not rub against one another, making runs more comfortable. These socks are available in a variety of bright patterns and lengths.


Warm, soft and breathable; the Smartwool socks are made of 50% merino wool, making them naturally insulating, the rest of the 50% includes nylon and elastane that allow the socks to snugly wrap around your feet and provide superb support. The designs on these socks follow tribal patterns which make them look really cool.


For runners who want fashionable and functional socks that do not go too over the top with their designs, Swiftwick is the go to sock maker, their running socks offer great foot support and cushioning without being too colorful or too bulky.


Reebok’s CrossFit inspired running socks are going to be the perfect socks to wear on your next grueling run, their padded heels and toes keep your feet safe and sound whole their breathable mesh paneling keep excessive sweating in check, and to keep slippage to a minimum, the socks offer aa ribbed crew fitting that prevents them from sliding down your calves for as long as you wear them.

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