Digital Basic Skills 2018

In trying to explain to someone how to use a digital camera, maybe for the first time, and although not difficult, there are some Basic Skills in Learning Digital Photography that you have to know.

Therefor I was racking my brains to find the simplest way to explain this to our visitors and was very pleased to find the following article by Low Jeremy, which puts it all into simple language for the beginner and manual camera owner when switching to Digital.

His words provide explanations and some Basic Skills you need to develop when using your new Digital Camera.

Basically, there is not much difference between using a digital camera and a manual camera.

In fact, most experts believe that using a digital camera actually spoils the photographer, making everything so easy for him. Still, there are many who remain daunted by the prospects of using a digital camera especially when their training comes mainly from manual photography.

There are a number of skills that one needs to learn before switching to the digital format. Read through and find out some of the things that you need to develop.

Computer skills

Digital photography involves dealing with computers. In fact, operating the digital camera is like operating a small computer. There are functions that are actually similar to the computer like formatting and delete and a whole lot of other things. You need to be familiar with the functions in order to be able to maximize the digital camera.

In addition, you also need to be really familiar with computer when storing your picture files and adjusting your photos. With this, you need to be able to perform computer tasks such as cutting, pasting, copying, renaming and opening and closing of files and folders.

There are a number of good books that provide tutorials that will enhance computer skills as well as teach you some of the basics in using the computer with regards to photography. Some books in photography, digital photography will for sure contain sections that deal with computers.

Knowledge in graphic programs

One can actually adjust photos and create a whole lot of effects with the use of graphic programs such as Photoshop. One can actually change the size of the photo, alter the pixels and even change the format into different file types. One good thing with digital cameras is the fact that one can actually alter the pictures taken before printing it.


With the use of these programs, one can erase flaws, sharpen some features of the photo, blur the background and even transfer one photo with another. If one is really good, you can even create one new photo by cutting different elements in various photos and put them all together.

Working knowledge with the various functions of the camera

As mentioned before, working with a digital camera is similar to working with a small computer. In order to maximize the digital camera, you need to master the functions including adjusting the various levels such as the shutter speed, the brightness, the contrast. There are even digital cameras that you can actually use as a manual camera; you just need to learn to adjust the functions.

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Review/Comments: Basic Skills In Digital Photography by Low Jeremy, certainly gives you good advice and tuition on how to not only use your digital camera, but explains that in fact you are working with computers, not only the on board camera computer but also your own home computer, giving you an insight on how to create a whole lot of effects with the use of graphic programs such as Photoshop.


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Basic Features Of A Sound Bar

Sound bars come with few audio-only inputs, given at the back of the device, which is surprising because in today’s high tech times most of the devices we have are HDMI supported. But this is not a draw back of the design but it is done intentionally so the user connects all their devices to their TV and then connect the TV’s audio output to the sound bar. This is a good interaction design and helps saves the users time because now they only have to connect their devices to their TV instead of connecting them to both the TV and sound bar. You can learn more about the top soundbar under 1000 dollar range below.


There are some issues though with this user friendly design and those are :


  • If your television set has a limited number of options for input then your sound bar will also be limited to connectivity. Like for an example if your TV set has only three options for input, it means you can only connect three devices. This issue can be solved by using an HDMI switcher but that would make things complicated which most people want to avoid.
  • Some TVs decline the incoming audio signal to stereo instead of a true surround signal so when its connected to your sound bar you will get a sound system which is declined by your TV. The problem even occurs if your TV outputs a Dolby Digital signal but your sound bar doesn’t read it because it doesn’t have a Dolby Digital decoder.


But even with these few drawbacks people still prefer a TV switcher. If you just have an audio output on the back of your sound bar then you don’t have to worry about the number of input options.


Built In Bluetooth :


This is one of the best feature sound bars offer. A lot of people have music stored in their phones or tablets so a built in Bluetooth is really what they would need. Now almost all sound bars come with built in Bluetooth which lets the user connects it to their phones or tablets. This lets you listen to music directly from your device instead of first connecting it to the TV. If your sound bar doesn’t have a built in Bluetooth you can connect an adapter to it which makes it works like one, but then there are already few limited options for input. Almost all models of sound bars manufactured since 2013 have this feature so there is hardly a chance your sound bar won’t have a built in Bluetooth.

This was something to help you understand a sound bar better, now we’ll have give you a review on the best sound bars we selected for you but before that we have listed down how we have done our review to help you understand more on what capabilities we have reviewed these innovations.

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Shoes that make you Jump Higher

So, you want to jump higher, no matter what your reason. The best shoes for jumping are all you need to increase your vertical achievement. Although for jumping higher you will need to conduct the proper exercises, we are not going to come to that topic. We’d like to focus only on the best shoes for jumping.


Speaking about jumping shoes, there are basically 2 kinds that you could consider in the market. The first kind is one which can be used to strengthen your legs. The second kind is basketball pair of shoes.


The first kind of shoes usually has an elevated part in the front. That means the front feet will be higher than the heels. It is true that you imagine it as higher than high heels.


These kinds of shoes will help you to stretch out your calves. Not to mention that these shoes can help you to improve your calf part. For routine training, you will see the result in no time. In term of flexibility, bouncing ability, and the speed, these shoes can provide you these perks. Folks will wear these shoes combined with the heavy vests to drill. You could do it too. But you should not wear weight vests when you are doing cardiovascular exercises. It will just exhaust you.

As mentioned, the second kind of shoes for jumping are the good basketball shoes that you usually find in the market. These will not only give you good bounce, but also high vertical. With these shoes, you will be able to jump higher than before.


The success key to finding the best shoes for jumping is not about picking the first product you met in the market. It is about careful research since there are many variables to consider.


For instance, if your objective is to improve your vertical, it is not wise to put the springs in your shoes. The key to jumping higher is that you own a solid foundation to take of. If you notice it, the high-quality jumping shoes are ones with very rigid bottom to prevent you from losing energy when pushing down for taking off. Consider choosing shoes with fewer cushions. The more cushions added to your shoes, it will make it harder to jump. It will restrain you from reaching a higher point. Of course, you should also mind your comfort. The last thing you want is being hurt when your feet do not have enough support.


You may ask, why do I need to wear best shoes for jumping? It is not only about your vertical attainment. Some sportsmen use jumping shoes for health reason. If you are suffering from a leg or knee injury, or suffering from back pain, these jumping shoes will really come in handy. You will be able to do your usual activities without any problem. Thanks to these.


Meanwhile, it is also a prevalent choice for fitness enthusiasts. It is designed purposely to help you get maximum results with minimum efforts. The best shoes for jumping also burn fat and calories more effectively. These also provide better cardiovascular results. For athletic sports, this also wonders on walking, running, and jogging. The rebound effect is what the runners after. With such benefits, it does not hurt to take your time to research the best shoes for jumping available in the market.

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Unexpected Ways Common Food Makes You Sick

Whenever we eat something, our body breaks it down into chemicals that it then uses for a number of things, there are a lot of food items that are part of our staple diet and our consumed on a daily basis such as dairy products, wheat based products and more. Now, while most of these food items sit well with the large majority of people, there are some who suffer from food allergies which make certain foods bad for them. Food allergies exist in numerous forms, most of which are subtle, which can make identifying them a bit tricky.

The best way to deal with food allergies is to first identify what kind of food is causing them and then to stay away from that food type, if you regularly find yourself facing random stomach pains, bodily irritations or headaches then you should consider checking whether you are allergic to a particular kind of food or not. Many food allergy related symptoms can be problematic for people who are dieting or workout since they can disrupt your body’s functions.

Here are some common food items that are known to cause various kinds of allergic reactions in certain people.


Wheat has been part of many peoples staple diet for centuries and is a pretty good source of fibre, however, the way wheat is grown nowadays is quite different from before, most wheat based products nowadays are made of hybridized forms of wheat that consist of many nutrients that our bodies are not used to.


Yeast is known to cause adverse allegric reaction in many people, yeast can be found in a lot of food items including bread, vinegar, and beer, which can make avoiding it a bit hard. For people who want to consume bread but are allergic to yeast, they can look for bread products that use baking soda as an alternative to yeast.


Dairy products cause trouble for a huge amount of people throughout the world, dairy related allergies are either caused by lactose or casein, both of which are present in any dairy product out there. Avoiding dairy is easy since dairy products are easy to identify, but one should keep a look out for presence of casein in certain products that are not dairy based.


Egg allergies are more common in children and have a variety of symptoms ranging from rashes to something as serious as anaphylaxis, so you should always keep a look out for presence of eggs in a variety of foods.


Nut based allergies are common throughout the world and can be pretty serious in some cases, people who have had minor allergic reactions to nuts in the past should steer clear of any kind of nut in order to minimise the chances of life threatening allergic reactions.


Sulfites are a common ingredient in preserved foods such as dried fruit and trail mix, they can also be found in wine, beer and condiments, basically any kind of food item that has undergone preservation.

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Cool Looking Socks For Adding a Bit of Flair to Your Running Getup

Socks do more than just keep your feet and your shoes from getting dirty or worn out, if worn in the right way with the right style, they can be used to make your running getup look more colourful and more fashionable. Socks come in many shapes and sizes, from simple solid coloured ones that cover your calves to short or no-show ones, you can even find some socks with really interesting patterns on them.

If you have been thinking of adding more flavour to your running attire then there is an endless amount of socks for you to choose from, however this does not mean that you can wear any pair for your next run. Running socks should not only be flashy, but they should also be designed to provide your foot with comfort, cushioning and much needed support that keeps your feet from blistering.

There are numerous flashy yet practical running socks out there, let’s go through some of the best ones out there.


The name of these socks pretty much sums up what they do, their attractively flashy and are designed to help runners improve and maintain their stance, their moisture absorbing fabric and gradual compression technology keep your feet fresh and dry, ensuring superior foot to shoe grip throughout your running session.


These knee high compression socks not only look good, but also feel good to wear, they are designed to promote blood flow in your legs and are also highly absorbent, all of this coupled with their padded heels and toes make the Zensah great to wear.


For those of you who prefer toe styled socks over normal socks, the Injinjis are going to be more than satisfying with their great moisture absorbance, the individual toe design ensures that the wearer’s toes do not rub against one another, making runs more comfortable. These socks are available in a variety of bright patterns and lengths.


Warm, soft and breathable; the Smartwool socks are made of 50% merino wool, making them naturally insulating, the rest of the 50% includes nylon and elastane that allow the socks to snugly wrap around your feet and provide superb support. The designs on these socks follow tribal patterns which make them look really cool.


For runners who want fashionable and functional socks that do not go too over the top with their designs, Swiftwick is the go to sock maker, their running socks offer great foot support and cushioning without being too colorful or too bulky.


Reebok’s CrossFit inspired running socks are going to be the perfect socks to wear on your next grueling run, their padded heels and toes keep your feet safe and sound whole their breathable mesh paneling keep excessive sweating in check, and to keep slippage to a minimum, the socks offer aa ribbed crew fitting that prevents them from sliding down your calves for as long as you wear them.

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